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Here is the latest update on the Shark River Dredge project as of  January 20, 2017:

  • The Shark River dredging has ended. (first time since 1982,about 20 years overdue). We are awaiting the official post-dredging survey report, but here is the early feedback:
  • The Historic NJDOT channels are now 75′ wide. (about 6 x’s wider then the last 8 years) and the average depth 6′ @ mean low tide. (better than the 2′ previous average).There are some areas where the depth may be only 3-4′ and others 7′ deep but they will start to break down to average depths as mother nature pushes thru & levels with each tide change. This so far looks good.
  • The back spur that runs alongside S Riverside Drive in the Hills has also been completed.

But there are some very important OPEN issues that still need to be resolved:  

  • Pictures sent to us by member Bill K. taken on Sunday, January 15, showed a permanent channel marker sticking up out of the mud, which creates a very dangerous situation for anyone using that marker as a guide while they navigate through the area.
  • The SRCC has  been in contact with the state officials,  and they assured us that the NJ DEP ATON ( Aids to Navigation) channel markers will be back in place in the next 6-8 weeks to help guide the new way. For safety, do not use the ones in place.You may notice a change from your previous GPS tracking marks. Please take caution until the new markers are in place.

We will release more updates after the Official Report is completed.


In other news, a live EagleCam has been installed at the Camp Evans site. The SRCC has partnered with several other environmental groups in exploring educational opportunities at Infoage, and with funding from the SRCC and the assistance of the FOBH, a live feed of the Shark River eagles is now a reality.  The site is still temporary and under construction, and we hope to raise funds for a second camera, but you can view the eagles at the following site:




In photo from left to right: Tom Arnone, Freeholder Director, John Dempsey, SRCC Board, John Curley, Monmouth County Freeholder, Randy Bishop, Neptune Township Committeeman, Jennifer Beck, State Senator, Robert Brown, Neptune City Mayor, Serena DeMasi, Monmouth County Freeholder, Toto Tasso, Jeff Hoffman, and Arlene Sciarappa, all SRCC board members, Matt Doherty, Belmar Mayor, and Bill Sciarappa, SRCC board.


Shark River Cleanup Coalition Inc. aims to significantly enhance the water quality of the Shark River Estuary and its fresh water tributaries, to improve and protect habitats important to the conservation and abundance of the wildlife, to protect the recreational and commercial uses from degradation and pollution, thereby ensuring the ecological and economical stability of this important watershed.

The SRCC is a non profit 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. The SRCC does not endorse any political parties or candidates nor does it take any position regarding political issues. The SRCC is not responsible for any statements made by anyone other than the official spokesperson of the SRCC.

Please feel free to visit this site often as we are constantly updating it.

This is your river and it needs your help to clean it up.

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